It's a story about Los Angeles .

About laundry.

About friendship, sex, impotence, egoism, homosexuality, prostitution, molestation, marriage, secrets, illness, celebrity, old age, child endangerment…

It's about evil people getting together using booze to ignite emotions for their mean spirited, sadistic fun at the Laundromat.

Patrons are confronted, singled out, intimidated and humiliated. Being in the spotlight unfolds into unwanted therapy exposing their weakness' thus purging emotional release to unexpected resolutions ultimately proving cathartic.

But then, it's a story about Los Angeles .

-- Or maybe, anywhere.

This Story…

Carl (TYLER LINDSAY) and Gil (JASON MORCK) come over to cheer up Jeff (RANDY THOMAS). Jeff is despondent over the break up with his girlfriend. Carl tries to get Jeff to go out for some fun, unfortunately fun for this group is usually at someone else's expense. Jeff needs to get his laundry done, so the trio heads for the local Laundromat.

Arriving at their destination, they enter and spot a very attractive young woman, Candy (ZOSKA ALEECE) at one of the washers. The machine next to her is being used by two writers, Geoff (DARREL GUILBEAU) and Morse (ALLAN PIPER). Carl decides that they should use that machine, and promptly unloads the clothes of Geoff and Morse. Geoff and Morse gather the clothes while holding onto their computer and set up away from the trio.

This begins a harrowing journey of intimidation and humiliation for the patrons. Candy is a hooker. Carl pays Candy for sex in the bathroom and splurges for Jeff and Gill to have a turn. While Gil has his turn with Candy, Carl and Jeff take the computer away from Geoff and Morse.

Phred (DAMIAN TREVOR)-a paraplegic, manages to give the computer back to Geoff and Morse for a trade. Phred is badgered into allowing Carl and Jeff to take his wheelchair for a test drive.

Roy (SEBASTIAN KUNNAPPILLY) mutters “Sons of bitches,” which prompts Carl to zero in on Roy . Roy 's friend, Lynn (David Yaffe)-an aspiring body builder steps into harms way to protect Roy .

Other patrons include a man who calls himself a Dwarf (EUGENE PIDGEON), Jesus (JAMES METROPOLE)-a security guard, Bev (NINA TAPANINEN) and Sally (NICOLE KRAUTER)-a lesbian couple, a little kid (NICOLAS GARCIA) and his mother (EMILY LOVE).

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