Cross Country 101

This is the title to a Novel which has crossed the finish line (completed).


The story focusing on a wee high schooler discovering his athletic abilities.
A tale which explores where an incoming freshman -- against his dad’s wishes for him to embrace the gridiron -- trains his phys ed on distance running.

Like Sean Astin-starrer “Rudy” in form but not factuality, “Cross Country 101” is an original treatment of a common adolescent exercise -- gaining acceptance in a new environment -- set on an apathetic cross country squad, years and feats from the real-life characters in track and field biopics “Without Limits” and “Prefontaine,” about star U of O Duck runner Steve Prefontaine, and ESPN Films’ retelling of Roger Bannister’s barrier-breaking “Four Minutes.”
The story takes place at a suburban secondary-school proving ground nonetheless spawns surprising victories as well as heart-breaking disappointments that transcend the arena.









Hundreds of pairs of running shoes are crowded together behind the starting line at the California State Championship Cross Country meet.  The shoes are many colors and sizes, but they’re all made with an unusual economy of fabric and rubber.  The uppers are featherweight nylon.  The midsoles are a quarter-inch thick at the heel and decrease in thickness toward the toe—a streamlining that barely allows for cushioning.  Tough leather trim holds the shoes together.  The thin rubber soles are artfully designed to maintain traction over asphalt, dirt, grass, and mud. These shoes are specifically constructed for speed and nothing else.  They are made for racing....


Cross Country 101 -Novel

German Fernandez & Dan Martinez
Chris Derrick & Dan Martinez
Friendly rivals in high school, Fernandez & Derrick are teammates -running for Nike

Don Bowden
"I have Cross Country 101 on my nightstand. It brings back all the ups and downs and growing and participating in high school cross country and track,"
Don Bowden.

Don Bowden (R)

*First American to break the Four-Minute-Mile ... 3:58.7!

Don Bowden (Cal Berkeley)


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