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Hulst Archives courtesy of Sharon (Eric's mom)

Eric Hulst.... His-Story.

He put Laguna Beach High School (the Artists) on a national and the world stage in distance running for preps. The Laguna Beach legend was always at the head of the pack, recognizable for his muscular size and striking red hair. He set a relentless pace and ground down the opposition. He was big enough, and strong enough to easily play football.


As an eighth grader, Eric Hulst was sure that his athletic career was in tennis. Over the summer Eric was enrolled in tennis camp. The schooling paid off in February when he made the Laguna Beach high varsity team as a freshman, playing on the second doubles team. But by then Eric Hulst's tennis career was almost over. It would last another couple of weeks before he would officially turn in his racquet to become a full-time runner on the track team. Hulst's metamorphosis from tennis player to distance runner began in September.


It all started in August. Coach Len Miller asked one of his incoming ninth graders, Glenn Richardson, if he knew of any friends who might be interested in coming out for the cross country team. He said he had a neighbor, Eric, who ran around the neighborhood a lot to get in shape for tennis. Glen talked to him and Eric decided he'd give running a try. He'd never done any competitive running. Eric's first workout was a 12-mile run, an out and back course. Eric was impressive, at the halfway point, the team stopped to rest but Eric was the only one who ran the whole way.


Eric Hulst is about to take the lead

In pre league workouts, Eric proves to be a blue chip prospect. For a time trial, Eric stepped on the Laguna Beach high school cross country home course, located above Countryman's Estates, and promptly breaks the freshman record by 12 seconds, recording a 12:29, which he lost in the last step to Jeff Tensfeldt, a senior.

The Laguna Beach (Artists) cross country team is led by seniors Tensfeldt and Karl Weber.

September 23, 1972

Laguna Beach @ Corona Del Mar Invite.

Eric's first race -Frosh-Soph. Eric sets a new course record for freshman, breezing home with a 11:04 clocking, 40 seconds ahead of second place. Inspired by Dave Wottle, Eric wears a white-cap (Link to '72 Oly race).
Dave Wottle Olympic Champion

Eric is Varsity from this point on.


Coach Miller had the whole team do a long warm-up with many sets of push-ups and "tuck-and-extends" (a hard abdominal exercise) before every workout. As Miller called them, the standard "set," was 10 push-ups, turn right over and do 25 tuck-and-extends (The team counted them out together), and then another 10 push-ups right away, no rest between anything. The team would start the season with 3 sets - -Then added one set each week until the team got up to 10.

Jim Toomey, who took over after Eric's freshman year, kept this up for the next three years. The team always added sets each week until they tapered down (a bit) for the end of the season. Eric, always an overachiever, started adding extra push-ups of his own and motivating teammate Stuart Calderwood to do the same. The most that the team got up to was 14 sets of (10 push-ups/25 tuck-and-extends/10 push-ups)--but Eric made it 15 pushups each time!

Look close for the white hat

September 29, 1972 - Laguna VS Servite @ Laguna Beach - Varsity - CR 11:55 Prickett.

Eric (White cap, look close) begins to move up. In his first varsity race, the freshman, outsprinted team mate Jeff Tensfeldt for the first place finish. Eric's time on the hilly Laguna Beach home course was 11:57, a half second ahead of Tensfeldt, who dueled Hulst for the last 100 yards to the finish line. Hulst's time was a mere two seconds off the course record, set last year by Joe Prickett!

1) Hulst 11:57, 2) Tensfeldt 11:57.5, 3) Weber 12:29.


(L-R) Tensfeldt, Weber & Hulst
(L-R) Tensfeldt, Weber &, Hulst.


The rest of the Laguna Beach XC Schedule. Super frosh Eric Hulst

October 5, 1972 - Laguna VS Dana Hills @ Laguna - Eric wins the Varsity race.

1) Hulst 12:14, 2) Tensfeldt 12:18, 3) Weber 12:24


October 7, 1972 - 5th Annual Kenny Staub Invite @ Glendale - Varsity CR 9:53.

12) Weber 10:34, 13) Hulst 10:34 (Frosh-Soph CR / Old record 10:49), 14) Tensfeldt 10:43.


October 12, 1972 -Double Duel - Laguna VS El Dorado & Brea @ Brea -CR 9:28.

2) Weber 9:34, 3) Hulst 9:51, 4) Tensfeldt 9:58.


October 14, 1972 -Pacific Invite (San Bernardino).

4) Weber 9:41, 6) Hulst 9:45, 8) Tensfeldt 9:49.


October 21, 1972 -Orange County Meet @ UC Irvine.

3) Weber. Six seconds back in 4th) Hulst, who breaks the previous frosh record by 20 seconds.


October 28, 1972 -Mt Sac Invite. 2-miles, 100-yard course (2.06 miles).

3) Weber 10:47, 8) Tensfeldt 11:10, 11) Hulst 11:13


November 2, 1972 -Double Duel -Laguna VS Sonora & Saddleback @ Laguna -CR 11:55 Joe Prickett.

1) Weber 11:44 (New *CR by 11 seconds), 3) Hulst 11:51, 4) Tensfeldt 11:54.

*CR on a slightly-modified course -Miller modified course to widen start area for three teams. Hulst & Tensfeldt both topped old CR.


November 9, 1972 -Double Duel Laguna VS Valencia & University @ University

2) Weber 10:19, 3) Hulst 10:31, 5) Tensfeldt 10:34

-The double duel caps the dual meet season a perfect record 9 wins 0 loses for the Laguna varsity team.

(L-R) Tensfeldt, Weber & Hulst

November 18, 1972 - Orange League Finals @ Marina High School *CR Ralph Serna 9:55

Despite the quick rise to the top of Eric Hulst there is no jealousy or animosity among the team - he's inspired them. With the addition of Eric Laguna's Cross Country Team wins the Orange League title, the first undisputed varsity title for Laguna Beach in five years.

3) Weber 10:20, 5) Hulst 10:27, 11) Tensfeldt-10:42, 12) Mark Sweeney 10:44, 16) David Peden-10:51.


November 25, 1972 CIF Prelims @ Mt Sac, 2-miles, 100-yard course (2.06 miles).

3) Weber, 8) Hulst.


November 27, 1972 -School Assembly honoring Laguna Beach Cross Country team.

Eric sets a Nat'l age-group record with a 15:18.3 three-mile clocking to highlight the assembly. The time chops almost 10 seconds off the old 14-year-old record of 15:25.0. Hulst went through the mile at 4:52 and 2M at 10:06, paced the first seven laps by Karl Weber. Hulst ran the last five laps alone.

Courtesy of Hulst Archives


December 2, 1972 -CIF Championship Meet @ Mt Sac - 2-miles, 100-yard course (2.06 miles).
Eric comes in 5th place at CIF Finals

AA- Division

Freshman Eric Hulst blazes to a 5th place finish in 10:46, one step and one second behind was senior Karl Weber, who was running his last high school cross country race. The race was won by Pat Dutzi (El Dorado) in 10:17.4.

Sophomore Ralph Serna goes up switchbacks Ralph Serna Trident Junior High

*In the "AAAA" Division (Large Schools)

A Sophomore makes a big splash taking 3rd behind seniors Terry Williams and Curtis Beck.

His name: Ralph Serna.

Prior to entering Loara High School (a 3 year HS): Serna roars a 4:19.7 mile, a CIF frosh record.

Ralph was invited to run in the High School Mile at the Vons Classic (6/9/72). Serna is 7th place behind the 4:04.2 of Curtis Beck (Santa Monica).

Ralph Serna closes in on Curtis Beck




Laguna Beach High School, the school record for two miles is 9:51.7 by Dave Hustwick (1970).

The long standing school record for the mile at Laguna Beach HS is by Lynn Watkins.
He raced a 4:26.7 in 1957 and no one has come close to that mark since...

1973 -Laguna Beach high school gets new Varsity Running uniforms.
Laguna Beach Singlet


'73 - Track Schedule


March 1, Afternoon The Laguna Beach Varsity Tennis Team downs Tustin, with points in the singles by Freshman Eric Hulst winning two matches before he returned to the track for...
March 1 -La Quintana @ Laguna Beach (Night Meet) - Guyer Field
Hulst promptly won the 2M clocking a 9:50.3 & set a new school record for the 2M. Eric is 2nd in the mile 4:34.8.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

March 8 -El Dorado -rescheduled due to bad weather (April 25).

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Eric will be held out of his specialty, the two mile, where he already owns the school record, to concentrate on the mile, along with John Brockman (a junior) will aim for a 4:25 to break the school record.
March 15, Laguna vs Brea, ** Eric officially turns in his racquet to become a full-time runner on the track team**
Jon Brockman & Eric Hulst
Mile: 1) Hulst 4:31.2.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

March 22, -Saddleback @ Laguna Beach -2M 1) Hulst 10:17.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

March 29, -Laguna Beach @ Valencia -2M -**Eric breaks his own school record by 13 seconds in the windy stadium.
2M: 1) Hulst 9:37.5 Eric was paired against Bob Tillman (Valencia), who finished second in the league finals in cross country this year. Hulst went right to the front and had a one step lead on Tillman for two laps before the lanky competitor took a brief lead. Eric charged back in front and led by the slimmest of margins until the gun lap. Eric opened up a 7 yard lead on Tillman and never looked back.
Mile: Brockman led wire-to-wire racing 4:34.7 with Eric coming back to place 2nd in 4:39.2. *Tillman, tired from the 2M, let Eric and Brockman go after 220 yards of the mile race.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

March 31, -Beach Cities Invite.

Eric Hulst is about to move ahead of Robert Angel
Hulst & Angel tie
(R) The favorite, sophomore, Robert Angel (Huntington Beach, 4:20.5/9:25.2-Mile/2M-soph times) had to sprint hard to catch back up to Hulst. Eric digs deep for a last lap of 64.5 to tie-both run 9:31.5 for 2 miles -Eric sets a new CIF freshman class record.
Hulst broke the old frosh mark of 9:35.6 set in 1966 by Hueneme's Rudy Hernandez.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

April 5, -Sonora @ Laguna Beach - Eric doubles.
Eric collected a win in the 2M -9:46.8. John Brockman led the mile for most of the way, until he got into a pushing match with Berka of Sonora. As Brockman and Berka argued about who did what to whom, Hulst sped by to win with a 4:34.4! Brockman outsprinted Berka for second.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

April 6-7, Laguna Beach Trophy Meet, The 3-Mile is a special addition to the meet to allow Hulst the opportunity at a record.
Frosh Eric Hulst breaks 3M record
Highlighting the meet was freshman Eric Hulst's 14:46.1 time in the 3-Mile, a National standard for 15-year-olds. Eric immediately grabbed the lead. Hulst paced himself with a 4:51.5 mile a 9:55.0 at two miles. Holmes of Bishop was the only runner to stay with him in the early going, until the mile. Eric was lapping runners by the 6th lap. His efforts snapped the listed National record of 15:03 but was short of the world mark of 14:26. He was named Track Athlete of the meet. To top it all off Eric's time qualifies him for the National Junior Track Meet in June. A good performance there will make the Laguna prep eligible for the U.S. team which will travel to Russia and other parts of Europe for a series of track meets. (R) Eric breaks the tape -3M 1) 14:46.1.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

April 10, Eric is notified he will be featured in the "Faces in the Crowd" section of Sports Illustrated.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

April 12, University @ Laguna beach - Mile 1) Hulst 4:28.9 PB.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

April 14, Upland Relays, Coach Miller requests for Hulst to be allowed the run with the large school competitors so he could match up with previously unbeaten Bob Krzyko of Upland. Permission is granted...
Hulst breaks his own CIF 2M record with an awesome 9:23.5 against his toughest field yet. Eric led the whole way never faltering despite persistent charges from Krzyko. On the sixth lap, with Hulst leading by a step, Krzyko sprinted the entire backstretch attempting to break away. Eric kept pace and prevented the older distance man from breaking away. At the beginning of the gun lap, Eric opened up a five yard lead, the biggest of the race, but relaxed down the backstretch and Krzyko again closed to within a step of the lead. But Eric again opened up down the final stretch and won by ten yards. 1) 9:23.5, needless to say a Personal Best!! The time is only 8.1 seconds off the all-time (Then) freshman mark set by Juan Garcia of Redwood High, Visalia last season (9:14.4).

- - - - - - - - - - - -

April 16, Sports Illustrated issue is out with Eric on page 111.
Eric in Sports Illustrated April 16, 1973

- - - - - - - - - - - -

April 17, Glendale Relays, Hulst, running his second tough race within four days, suffers his first defeat at Two-Miles Tuesday night.
Hulst took the lead immediately passing the mile at 4:45 but on the gun lap, senior, Rick Cendejas (Crescenta Valley, pictured below at Glendale XC the next fall) unleashed a 59.5 last lap, passing Eric on the backstretch to win in 9:21.2. (2) Hulst 9:24.7.
Rick Cendejas Glendale XC 73

- - - - - - - - - - - -

April 25, Re-scheduled -Laguna Beach @ El Dorado -Hulst pulls off an easy (For him) distance double 2M 1) 9:54, Mile 1) 4:32.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

April 26, Laguna Beach @ Dana Hills. 1) 880 2:07.2.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

May 1, Orange League prelims 1) 4:27.6.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

May 4, Orange League Finals
In the 2M - Eric let Pat Dutzi (El Dorado) & Bob Tillman (Valencia) set the pace. On the gun lap, Hulst sprinted past Tillman and came up on Dutzi's shoulder. Dutzi equal to the challenge; however, and was able to open a small lead to win. 2) Hulst 9:24. Eric came back to power his way in the mile to a 4:24.8, again second place behind Dutzi. But the time was good enough to erase the 16-year-old school record that was 4:26.7 by Lynn Watkins in 1957.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Eric Hulst
May 12, CIF "AA" Semi Finals Eric points only for the 2M. Eric leads all qualifiers with a PB in 9:22.5.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

May 18, CIF "AA" Championships
Eric started in the pole position based on his leading prelims. Hulst led from the start. Five times during the race a runner challenged his front-running position. Five times Hulst came from behind to overhaul the leader within 20 yards of having lost the lead. Main challenger, Dutzi never mounted a serious charge, and dropped out after five laps. With the crowd encouraging him Hulst drew away to a 20-yard lead to win. 1) 9:15.7. The split times: 67, 2:16.5 (880), 3:26.5 (1320), 4:37 (Mile), 6:59.5 (1.5), Hulst began his finishing drive 660 yards out as he raced to a 67.2 last lap. Eric barely misses the National Record for Freshman in winning (Juan Garcia of Redwood High, Visalia, 9:14.4).

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Freshman Eric Hulst
May 25, CIF Masters Meet -Lompoc's Terry Williams stuns CIF record holder & defending state champ Curtis Beck (Santa Monica).
As expected, Williams & Beck set a stiff pace going through the mile in 4:26.5. Williams sprinted away from Beck to win in 8:55.2. Eric usually a pace setter, did not let the fast first mile bother him as he ran his own race, coming past the mile in 4:30.4. There were eight runners ahead of him at the mile mark and stayed back until three laps remained and then started breezing past tiring runners. The red-haired freshman may have been the strongest runner on the track at the end of the race. With a lap to go he was still in sixth but passed one runner to gain the state meet berth and eclipse Juan Garcia's year old record. Hulst ran his final 880 in 2:14.9 while Williams finished up with a 2:14.7. Beck closed with a 2:21.4 half-mile, while Troy's Mike Durham, the third place finisher, ran a final 880 of 2:19.2. In finishing fifth (5th), Hulst qualifies for the CA state meet, shattering the National 2M record by 10 seconds running 9:04.5!!

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Eric Hulst
June 1-2, CA State Meet - Eric Hulst is the only freshman in the entire meet! Temp almost 80°
Hulst, a 15-year-old red-head, got off to an excellent start. He was in 2nd place at the quarter in 65.8. He slowed his tempo down a little finishing the half in 2:15, and came across the mile in 4:32.5 in about 10th position. Eric fell back into the pack on his slow fifth lap, but picked off about 8 runners before entering the last 660 in 9th place. The 8th place runner was about 15 yards ahead, and Eric was unable to close the gap and finish higher. Hulst (Photo: Don Chadez) places 9th of 27 runners in a fine 9:16.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

June ?, All-comers meet: Hulst doubled -2M 9:24 -35 minutes later ran the mile in 4:24.4.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

June 23, Nat'l Junior Meet, Gainesville Florida.
Three Mile Run - Craig Virgin (Lebanon, HS, IL) led almost from the start and was unpressed, passing the mile in 4:30.0, the two mile in 9:07.0 and finishing with a 4:29.8. He won with ease in a meet record of 13:36.8. Bobby Grubbs (Washington HS, Fremont, CA/Oregon Frosh) was second-13:47.4. Rich Kimball (De La Salle, HS) is 8th place, 14:14.0. In 9th is the remarkable Eric Hulst. His time of 14:26.8 breaks his own all-time age 15 best. Before Hulst the record was 15:02.2!!!

**Eric averaged 60-75 miles a week.

Courtesy of Hulst Archives


Eric Hulst Laguna Beach Sophomore

Sophomore Year - Cross Country -Courtesy of Hulst Archives

Sept. 7, 1973. All-Comers meet @ UCI - just 8 days after the end of his freshman year...

Irvine, Eric cracks the world 15-year-old standard for 6-Miles with a time of 30:44.3, then continued running to a world mark for 10,000 meters of 31:43.1! (The old marks were 32:06.4/33:55.2 the latter mark was 10 years old.



Terry Williams (Lompoc) and Curtis Beck (Santa Monica) who dominated CIF prep cross country the last three years, have graduated but Ralph Serna (Loara) and Eric Hulst (Laguna) return to insure there will be no lack of talent the next three. Incoming junior Serna, in his first CIF cross country season last year (third behind Williams and Beck in 4-A championships). In the spring he ran a 4:13.2 mile, 9:17.8 and set a National Sophomore class record of 14:10.6 for three miles. Sophomore Hulst is on his way to becoming the best distance runner ever developed in Southern California.


October 6, 1973 Kenny Staub Invitational @ La Crescenta Park in La Crescenta (2-Miles).

Now a sophomore, Eric Hulst takes individual honors and sets a course record of 9:51.6 to edge Guy Arbogast of Crespi who ran 9:53.0 in the varsity small schools division. Eric was named the meet's outstanding runner.
Eric with trophies

*Glendale's Bobby Thomas won the Large schools race in 9:58.0.


Eric races on Laguna's home course


October 20, 7th Annual Orange County Cross County Championships. The only xc meeting between the two.

Loara High junior Ralph Serna won "The race of the unbeatens" defeating Laguna Beach's Eric Hulst in their featured showdown. Serna, who holds the National sophomore 3M record and Hulst who holds the National frosh records for 2M & 3M!!!

Both had spectacular track records last spring and were both undefeated in XC this fall, this is the first time they have met in head-to-head competition. The race over the UC Irvine 2M course lived up to its advanced billing as the two ran stride for stride during the last half-mile. Serna had a stronger kick in the final 50 yards and that was the difference as he clobbered the course record with a 9:26 clocking. Hulst checked in at 9:30!! The previous course record was 9:41 set last year by Foothill's Larry Gerich.

The race: Serna led a pack of 4 runners past the mile mark in 4:35. Hulst who appeared to be laboring in the early portion of the race, ran in 4th place until making a strong bid in the final half mile. Hulst, charged to the front and took the lead from Serna as the pair came onto the track for the final 300 yards. Serna let Hulst keep the lead until they came off the final curve and then sprinted past him for the win.


October 27, 1973 -Walnut, Mt. Sac Cross Country Invitational, 2-miles, 100-yard course (2.06 miles).

Lompoc high's Roger Fabing nips Laguna Beach sophomore Eric Hulst by a stride to post the fastest time of the day. Fabing, who withstood Hulst's furious challenge in the final 300 yards, clocking a 10:12 to Hulst's 10:13. Fabing moves to 4th on the all-time list on the hilly 2-mile Mt. Sac course, while Hulst's time equals the 5th fastest. Marina's Gary Blume led the race through the first mile, but tired badly after going up the rugged switchbacks encountered in the second half of the race. It was going up those switchbacks that Hulst took the lead only to lose it to Fabing as they started going downhill. (Photos: L-R -Fabing & Hulst @ Arcadia / Gary Blume).
Roger Fabing & Hulst at Arcadia, (R) Gary Blume


** Eric now averages 100 miles a week and is on a upper body weight training addition to lifting everyday during lunch, he does 30 pushups before and after each running workout.


November 8 - Orange League Finals.
Hulst wins Orange league title
Laguna Beach Sophomore Eric Hulst cruised to a 21-second victory. Hulst passed the mile at 4:35 and finish with a 9:36 only 6 seconds slower than the time he clocked when the course was dry at the Orange County Championships.


November 20, The 15-year old soph, Hulst sets a US age-15 and soph class records with a 14:51.0 5,000 meter run.


November 24, Mt Sac. CIF Cross Country Semi-Finals. 2-miles, 100-yard course (2.06 miles).

Laguna Beach's Eric Hulst was an easy victor in the first 2-A race as he romped to a 10:15 clocking, 12 seconds ahead of the runner-up.

4-A: Loara High junior Ralph Serna lost his first race of the year. It was Sunset League rival Gary Blume of Marina who ended Serna's long string of victories. Blume, running his best race of his high school career, was a convincing winner over Serna. For Blume, this victory was a complete reversal from his showing at the Mt. Sac Invite last month on this course. At Mt. Sac Blume was leading as he started up the steep, grueling switchbacks of the hill which dominates the final mile. It was as if he hit a stone wall for Blume quickly tired and fell far back. But against Serna this day Blume, who was leading by a stride as they started uphill, attacked the switch-backs aggressively and managed to open a six-to-eight yard lead by the time he reached the top. He built up the lead to 12 yards as they ran along the ridge. Blume stopped the clock at 10:03 while Serna finished with 10:20. Lompoc twosome Jim Schankel and Roger Fabing blitzed the first 3A field as they clocked 10:01 & 10:02 respectively.
Blume (Left) & Serna at league finals, (R) Terry Williams at Mt. Sac

Blume (Left) & Serna at Sunset League Finals. Lompoc's Terry Williams, the Mt. Sac cross country course record holder at 9:48.0 and is the only runner to break 10 minutes.  



November 27, Still 15-years old, Hulst lowers his US age-15 and soph class records with a 14:32.8 at 5,000 & 3M best to 14:05.4!

His 5,000 meter clocking breaks his own national age and class record (14:51.0) set last week, and shaved 10 seconds off the world mark of 14:42.8 set in 1970 by East Germany's Wolfgang Pieper. Hulst had mile splits of 4:40, 4:46, and 4:39.4 on his 3M run, running his last lap in 65.0. His final 880 was 2:16.4, He covered the final lap of the 5,000 in 68.0.

Mitch Kingery Ralph Serna Eric Hulst

Sophomore, Kingery who clobbered the marathon record by 1½ minutes added the class record for 3 miles-14:12.2...

*(Junior year photo)

Only to have 4:13.2 (mile) soph Serna lower it to 14:10.6... ...Until... 11-27-'73 -Soph, Hulst reduced it to 14:05.4 (3M), 14:32.8m (5k).



December 1, CIF Cross Country Finals - Due to the rain storm which drenched runners and spectators alike, the races were run on a "rain course" through parking lots inside of on the hilly two-mile dirt course at Mt. San Antonio College.
Sophomore Eric Hulst enroute to CIF XC win
2-A: Eric Hulst becomes the first Orange Coast runner to achieve an individual CIF Cross Country Title. Battling a chilling, driving rain, Hulst handled the 2-mile course and his opponents with equal ease. He shed his only challenger, Mark Washburn of Bloomington, three-quarters of the way through the race, pulling ahead by 30 yards to win in 9:48.2, a full seven seconds in front. His time was the third fastest of the day, surpassed only by the 4-A title chase where Loara's Ralph Serna won the individual title by outkicking Marina's Gary Blume in 9:41.6. Blume, who handed Serna his only defeat of the season last week, ran 9:45 and stayed with the Loara runner the entire race until the two stepped on the track for the final 150 yards.

Sophomore Eric Hulst wins CIF XC Finals
Serna wins CIF Finals


December 8, Hulst runs another good 3-Mile of 14:08.6.


December 15, -Saturday Morning All-Comers meet @ UCI

Irvine, Laguna Beach High School Sophomore Eric Hulst made an all-out assault at 6M/10,000 meters. The now 16-year-old distance star clocked 29:19.4 for six miles and continued on for a 30:12.8 time for 10,000 meters. Sophomore, Hulst moves to (then) 4th all-time for U.S. preps at 10,000 meters.
Top 4 10,000 meter preps 1973
(L-R) Only Nat'l prep record holder Gerry Lindgren (29:17.6), Lompoc's Terry Williams (29:55.8) and Robbie Perkins (29:56) of Richmond, VA., have run faster. Hulst defeated UCLA's Gordon Innes at the six mile distance but Innes outkicked him in the longer 10,000 meter race to win. Innes clocked 29:20.3 at 6M and finished 10,000m in 30:12.4. Hulst betters the National sophomore & age 16 records for both distances. Hulst mile splits: 4:46.0, 4:55.4, 4:58.4, 4:56.6, 4:54.6 and 4:48.6. Just after he and Innes passed the six-mile mark, the UCLA runner sprinted into the lead. Hulst let him go until the final the 110 yards when he closed back up on Innes.



January 19, Saturday Night, 15th Annual Sunkist Indoor Invitational track meet @ Los Angeles Sports Arena produced a big upset. After a sensational unbeaten fall season, Rich Kimball of De LaSalle in Concord, comes down to challenge the best Southern California can offer. San Carlos High's Mitch Kingery, who set a sensational CR @ Crystal Springs XC course, and with only one loss during the Fall which was to Kimball at the 3M postal, will also be there.
Heavily favored Kimball could not hold off the last lap charge of Jim Schankel. Schankel's win gives Lompoc HS three consecutive Sunkist wins as it follows Terry Williams' two victories.
Jim Schankel Lompoc High School
1) Jim Schankel (Lompoc).........9:07.4
2) Rich Kimball (De LaSalle).....9:07.5
3) Mitch Kingery (San Carlos)...9:10.6
4) Eric Hulst (Laguna)...............9:11.5 **Hulst lost a shoe on the third lap.

HS Seeded Mile
1) Rusty Nahirney (Washington) ...4:19.0
2) Andy Clifford (Sunny Hills) ...4:19.4
3) Ralph Serna (Loara) ...4:20.0
4) Rich Nance (Monroe) ...4:22.0


February 8, Los Angeles Times Indoor Games @ the Inglewood Forum. The night's most exciting race was the high school 2-Mile!!
Hulst leads Shankel & Fabing Hulst leads Shankel & Fabing Shankel tries to catch Hulst

Hulst takes the early lead with a 62-quarter. Hulst led through the mile (4:28) when he was passed by Schankel, who held the lead for the next three-quarters of a mile. He was then passed by Loaroa's Ralph Serna, who paced the field until Hulst began to make his move. With two laps to go in the race, Hulst sprinted past a surprised Schankel and with a lap and a half to go was in the lead. Abandoning their seats, the crowd of 14,000 plus began to go wild as Hulst and Schankel began the gun lap. They were neck and neck as Eric's lunge at the tape to take the victory over the fast closing Schankel.
Hulst edges Schankel
Both were timed in 8:58.4, with Hulst, 16, becomes just the second sophomore to dip under 9 minutes and the first INDOORS.
(Craig Virgin ran 8:57.4, outdoors as a soph). Hulst lowers the Indoor soph record by 3.2.
**Ralph Serna comes in 3rd place with a PB of 9:01.4.

**Another sensational soph arrives on the national scene. Rudy Chapa (Hammond) a 9:42.6 indoor performer as a frosh last year...

March 13, West Lafayette- Broncho-Boilermaker Relays-3A Div qualifying -Chapa clips Hulst's soph record with a stunning 8:57.0!!
It is the first time a high school athlete in Indiana has run the two mile under nine minutes! Chapa eclipsed the state record by 12.3 seconds in posting the best 2M indoor mark in the nation....

March 21,  West Lafayette- Broncho-Boilermaker Relays-3A Div –A week later in the finals Chapa charges to 8:55.7!!


As a frosh in '73, Eric Hulst never would have been in the lead in either the mile or 2-mile but as a sophomore, Hulst was already a sub-9 minute two miler by outdoors, winning invitationals and doubling.


Outdoor Schedule - Courtesy of Hulst Archives

**Eric gets up before dawn (5:00) to run 13 miles before reporting to classes at 8:30. With this schedule, Eric gets to bed by 9:00pm.
Hulst is up before dawn to run 13 miles

Season opener.

February 23 -Saturday- Duel Meet -Redlands...9:26.3 & 4:28.6.
Eric continues his winning ways at outdoor season opener
Eric continues his winning ways as he breaks the tape in his first race outdoors.


March 14, Thursday -Duel Meet -Valencia..4:21.4 & 9:24.6.
Huslt wins again


Hulst in comic
A comic about Eric appears in the local paper.


March 21 Thurs. Duel -San Clemente..4:21.6 & 9:30.8.


March 28 Thurs. Duel -El Dorado..4:31.5 & 9:37.6.


March 30, Beach Cities Invitational...
Eric runs a torrid distance double
Eric sets two meet records.... The sophomore ran a sizzling 9:00.6 2-mile (photo) and came back an hour later to post a 4:16.4 mile for the standout performance at the invitational track meet at Newport Harbor High. In the deuce, Eric set the pace and dared the others to follow. Marina's Gary Blume and Corona del Mar's Brian Hunsaker tried but after a mile and a half, Hulst steadily picked up the pace and then blew them off with a 62.6 last lap. Blume and Hunsaker ran their seasonal bests at 9:06.9 and 9:08.4.
In the mile, Eric ran a 61.3 closing lap!

The mile was another story as Blume, a tenacious competitor, led briefly and then fought Hulst step for step for 20 yards when the Laguna runner tried to burst past. Hulst finally had too much strength and won pulling away.


April 4, Thursday -Duel -University...4:35.5 & 9:47.5.


April 5, Friday -Ran a 57.4 leg on soph mile relay to qualify in Laguna Beach Trophy Meet..


April 6, Saturday -Laguna Beach Trophy Meet... 2:01.6..& relay legs of 54.5 & 2:03.
Eric anchored Laguna to the win in the two mile relay & won the 880 in his division.


April 9, Tuesday, Glendale Relays.
Eric at Glendale Relays
Laguna Beach distance sensation, Eric Hulst treated the sparse crowd at Glendale High to a meet record 9:10.2 2M victory (L), came back to add a 2:02.7 half-mile, third leg, on Laguna's runne-rup two-mile relay, and wrapped his evening with a 4:21.2 anchor mile, overcoming an 80-yard lead by Notre Dame, to bring Laguna Beach a come from behind 10:42.1 win in the distance medley relay (R).

Hulst led all the way in the 2M, and despite going 10 seconds slower than his seasonal best, Eric pulled the next two finishers to lifetime bests. One, Glendale's Bobby Thomas was 3rd at 9:18.9. His previous best was 9:20.4. Thomas stayed with Hulst for six laps and ran an impressive race considering that he had only 45 minutes earlier anchored the Glendale HS four-mile relay team with a PB 4:22 to win.
Bobby Thomas wins relay


April 13 -Duel-Crespi...1:58.3 (pictured below) & 4:23.0. *20 minutes between races.
Eric wins the 880 against Crespi


April 16, Tuesday -Duel-Brea...4:34 & 9:34.9.

Eric Hulst Sophomore track


April 18, Thursday -Duel-Sonora...4:37.6 & 9:57.4. **Didn't run fast because of meet on Saturday...


April 20, 1974, The elite of Southern California showed up for the 7th annual Arcadia Invitational Track Meet.

Photos courtesy of Ken Ernst

Hulst Clifford Clifford Schankel Serna

Hulst earlier doubled 4:16.4/9:00.6 at Beach Cities Inv.

Both PR's.

The Mile was first.

**Schankel is also doubling.

(L-R) Andy Clifford (Sunny Hills), Jim Schankel (Lompoc), Ralph Serna (Loara).

1. Clifford - 4:07.1
2. Serna - 4:07.6
3. John Musich (Burbank)- 4:08.9
4. Schankel - 4:09.1
5. Hulst - 4:09.1

Hulst Durham Schankel Thomas Schankel Leads Hulst Thomas Hulst Thomas
Hulst leads Mike Durham (Troy), Schankel and Bobby Thomas (Glendale).
At six laps - Schankel breaks away.
On the 7th lap - Hulst rips a 66.5 to overtake Schankel.

1. Hulst - 8:59.8
2. Schankel - 9:04.8
3. Thomas - 9:06.3

** Thomas' previous best was 9:18.9 (Glendale Relays).

Hulst races to the 2nd fastest times ever for a soph in both events!!

The mile - Shy of Jim Ryun's soph class record of 4:07.8.

2M - Behind Craig Virgin's soph class record of 8:57.4.


April 25, Duel-Dana Hills...2:05.7 (2nd) & 4:40.0. *Conditions: cold and very windy.


April 30, Tuesday -Orange League Prelims..4:34.8.


May 3, Friday -Orange League Finals -- Photos courtesy of Ken Ernst
Hulst leads Hulst leads Hulst easily wins the 2-Mile, 9:27.5.
Eric Hulst starting out Hulst leads Eric Hulst
And the Mile, 4:21.8.


May 11, Saturday -CIF Prelims
Hulst stepped to a 4:16.4 to win his heat in the mile. He came back later to run a 9:25.2 to take his 2M heat. Eric wasn't pressed in either race but had to come from behind on the final lap of the mile. In the deuce, Eric ran the first mile in 4:47.0, and had laps of 73.2, 72, 69 and 64 the rest of the race.
Hulst running in sweat top


May 18, Saturday -CIF Finals.... Hulst wins both the mile & two-mile setting 2-A records with clockings of 4:13.7 & 9:08.6!!


May 23, 1974, INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana State Regional Meet - 2M ~Cool Wind

Rudy Chapa, Hammond sophomore, received a standing ovation when he broke the two-mile record with an 8:59.4. The former record was 9:15.3 from 1969!!


Hulst racing
May 24, Friday -Southern Section Masters Meet - Cerritos College.
Eric Hulst shatters the National sophomore 2M record as well as record the 2nd fastest prep time in the nation with an 8:54.0 victory!! Hulst wanted a first mile of 4:24, but settled instead for a 4:26.5. There was still a pack of runners around him at that point, but on the seventh lap, Hulst destroyed the stellar field with a 64.6 lap making some of the 8,837 fans wonder if he hadn't miscounted the laps. That burst opened up a mammoth 40-yard lead between Hulst and Lompoc's Jim Shankel. Hulst toured the final 880 in 2:11.2 and the last mile in 4:27.5. Schankel covered the same distances in 2:15.0 and 4:32.4, but ran the final lap in 65.6 to finish second in 8:59.4.
Eric's time wiped out the old sophomore record of 8:57.4 set in '71 by Craig Virgin. Hulst just missed the National 16-year-old record of 8:52.0 set by Virgin a year later. That record is in jeopardy next week when Hulst meets Rich Kimball of Concord's De LaSalle High in the state meet at Bakersfield. Kimball leads the nation at 8:51.0 and Hulst is now No. 2. Gary Blume was pulled to his fastest time ever, clocking a 9:00.8 in fourth place.
Hulst is still not the Orange county record holder. Santa Ana's Marc Genet (below) ran 8:53.4 in 72.
Marc Genet (Santa Anna HS)
For a little over a year, Eric Hulst was a prospect. After the Masters Meet, he became "The Man" among the Southland prep two-milers and should remain so for two years. The Laguna Beach sophomore blitzed a talented field at the Masters meet with a stunning 8:54.0. Hulst, the No. 2 in the nation, set up a confrontation with Kimball who has the nations fastest mile and two-mile clockings-4:02.6 & 8:51.0.


May 25, Saturday Afternoon, Eric runs a leisurely 17-mile, two-hour jaunt.


May 31-June 1, -56th Annual California State Track Meet, Bakersfield College.
Rich Kimball forges ahead
Hulst leads Kimball

The 2M turned into a marvelous race between Sophomore Hulst and World JR XC Champion Kimball.

Kimball wins 8:46.6 to 8:50.5 enroute to unprecedented distance double. (Link to Shots Page 36).

Eric shatters the national 16-year-old two-mile record, erasing Craig Virgin's 8:52.0. Hulst also lowers his sophomore record, 8:54.

Hulst alone in second Eric and Rich get awards

Meanwhile... INDIANAPOLIS, June 1, 1974, Indiana State Meet - 2M ~Windy

Hammond sophomore, Rudy Chapa, led the field by 100 yards clocking a 9:11.9. Not a record but the most convincing win of the day!!

Hammond's Rudy Chapa-Sophomore


June 8, Saturday -All comers meet, Univ. of Redlands- SPAAU Meet, 14:23 (3M).


June 14, Gainesville, FLA. National Jr. Championships -The Russians are coming, and Laguna Beach's Eric Hulst will be there to meet them.

The young redhead finished the 10,000 meter run in 30:36.0 and passed the six-mile mark in 29:32.8. The race was won by James Buell, a freshman at the University of Kentucky, who was an easy winner at 30:19.6. The 10,000 meter race turned into a three-man duel after the fifth mile between Buell, Hulst, and Guy Arbogast of Crespi high in Encino. Arbogast, who led after four miles, fell back during the final mile and finished third in 30:42.8. For the six-mile, Hulst had mile splits of 4:43.5, 4:49.2, 5:00.5, 4:58.2, 5:08.4 & 4:53.2.
Hulst Track Soph

Loara's Ralph Serna stayed with the leaders through the first four miles, but dropped out during the fifth mile. Serna is expected to run in the 5,000 meters, in a field which includes CA State Distance Double Champ & World Jr XC Champ Rich Kimball.

When Eric, 16, competes against the Russian junior team in Austin, TX on July 5-6, he will be one of the youngest male track athletes to represent the united states in International competition. Craig Virgin of Illinois, who qualified for the junior team as a high school junior & senior, was 16 when he ran against the Soviets in Sacramento in 1972 (below).
Craig Virgin leads the USSR Juniors

June 15, Gainesville, FL. - 5,000 Meters - This was a stunning upset.

HS junior, Ralph Serna who was previously best known as a miler, couldn't finish the 10,000 Friday night and didn't figure to make a dent in the fine field which included Rich Kimball and several good college freshman. But he ran the race of his life, pulling away from Kimball in the last mile to record a 13:45.4 at three miles. The clocking breaks Craig Virgin's junior-class record for the distance. Virgin, who was a member of both previous Junior International teams, failed to show here after collapsing following 23 laps of the NCAA six-mile.

Serna 14:16.2, Kimball 14:22.0.


June 28-29 -US vs USSR Jrs.

As a sophomore, Eric makes the junior track team, (10k) and was the youngest member of the National Team.

Shown below: Hulst is leading in the US VS USSR Track duel meet.

Hulst leads in USSR Jr Duel Meet
Hulst wins US-USSR Duel Happy 10,000 winner Eric Hulst Lindgren wins the US USSR duel

After second place finishes in 2 big meets (CA State & AAU Juniors), Eric decided the older guys had had enough.

Austin, Tex., In the 10,000 meter run at the US-USSR Junior duel, a very determined Hulst brought a resounding roar from the crowd with a stunning last lap, busting open a close race for a 25m victory in 30:49.26, receiving a hero's welcome at the tape. Eric calmly trotted to the water jump to cool off before his victory lap-the other three runners needing support when they finished. It was only his fourth time to run the event. (R) Gerry Lindgren was a surprise 10,000 meter winner in 1964.

5,000 meters.
Kimball and Serna reach the bell lap.
The soviets dropped off in the ninth lap as Kimball turned a 65.4. (above) Kimball and Serna reach the bell lap.
Nearing the finish Kimball & Serna responded to the cheering by sprinting the last 100 yards. Kimball 14:26.8, Serna 14:27.2.


July 21, Goleta, CA - AAU Hour Run Championships

On the track, Junior Ajim Baksh (Hollywood, CA, pictured with Ralph Serna) followes two 14:11.8 three-miles with the third best ever one-hour distance of 11M, 1386y, a class record. Baksh passed 6M in 30:24 & 10M at 50:53!! Jim Schankel (Lompoc) who swept past 6M in 29:56 moved to fifth all-time in 11M, 208y.
Ajim Baksh and Ralph Serna during hour run

A number of preps showed up to run on the tartan track in 90° heat:

Overall place)
7) Ajim Baksh (Hollywood) .........................11M, 1386y
13) Jim Schankel (Lompoc) .........................11M, 1208y
18) Robert Tillman (Valencia) ......................11M, 835y
21) Jeff Spangler (Villa Park) .......................11M, 786y *new age 16 best.
34) Richard Aguirre (Santa Barbara) ............11M, 501y
51) Terry Williams (Oregon) ........................11M, 263y
63) Ralph Serna (Loara) ..............................11M, 111y
76) Thom Hunt (Patrick Henry) ..... .............10M, 1744y
78) Eric Hulst (Laguna) ...............................10M, 1710y
99) Don Moses (Crescenta Valley, Soph) ...10M, 1516y
132) Ron Fritzke (Leigh) .............................10M, 1058y
134) Joey Gomez (Valencia, Frosh) ............10M, 1049y *new age 14 best.


Eric sets Nat'l Outdoor Track records for a Soph @ 2M (8:50.6); Steeple (9:24.6); 3M/5k (14:05.4/14:32.8); 6M/10k (29:19.4/30:12.8)!!


Junior & Senior Year continued on Page 19²

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