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IAAF World Cross Country Championships - Senior Men's Race - 12km ( long course)
John Ngugi (Kenya) became the first man to win (12km/long course) 5 times, he won a record 4 consecutive titles between 1986-89 & '92, -- Five titles overall. Ngugi also has the biggest winning margin: (men) 28 seconds in 1989!

1987 World Track Championships -The 5000m final in Rome started slowly, until Ngugi took the lead during the second kilometre and pushed the pace, John was unable to establish a break on the field, and when the sprint for home started just before the bell, Ngugi was overwhelmed, dropping from 1st to 9th in the space of 200 metres, and he eventually faded to 12th place...

1988 Olympics (above) - The (then) 2-time World Cross Country Champ in an attempt to counteract the finishing sprints of his rivals, which had caused his downfall in Rome, Ngugi tried a different and courageous/spectacular tactic in the 5000m final at the Seoul Olympic Games. Just before the pack reached the 1km in a respectable 2:42.8, Ngugi moved up quickly (57.8 lap) from the rear of the field, took the lead, and then sped through the next kilometre in an extraordinary 2:32.2, averaging 60.8 per lap for the two-and-a half circuits. Not surprisingly, no one else decided to follow this seemingly suicide pace, and when that ultra-fast kilo was over Ngugi had a 50m lead. Ngugi maintained this lead during the ensuing laps, and although his lead was reduced when the expected sprints came in the last lap, he still had enough left in the tank to lope through a final lap of 60.8 to win by 30 metres in the year's fastest time of 13:11.70.


John Treacy Ireland Treacy leads Leon Schots Treacy enroute to repeat win

1978 - Glasgow, Scotland

IAAF World Cross Country Championships

(L) John Treacy becomes the the youngest ever (then) winner of the world cross country title. The 21-year-old Providence College Senior, outran masters of many distances to win.

Glasgow Photo Courtesy: Fionnbar Callanan -(Link)

1979 - IAAF World Cross Country Championships @ Limerick, Ireland.

(R) John Treacy defended his World Title on home soil. Treacy won the race in such a convincing fashion it may have overshadowed the tremendous performance of the Irish team... a team that has improved from 14th of 15 teams 2 years ago to finishing 2nd to England @ Limerick!!!

Limerick Photos Courtesy: Fionnbar Callanan -(Link)


Virgin leads Orthmann Virgin (USA) & Bobby Grubbs (USA)

Heidenheim, W.G., July 14, '73 US Juniors vs West Germany Juniors _Craig Virgin (16) vs Hans Jurgen-Orthmann (115), 6'2¾/132lbs.
Craig Virgin set a fast early pace... but was outsprinted by both West German opponents.

1) Orthmann ...8:08.8 (= 8:42-2M)
3) Virgin ...8:10.6
4) Bobby Grubbs ...8:31.4

Virgin (USA) & Grubbs (USA)

1980 - IAAF World Cross Country Championships

Craig Virgin kicks past Hans Jurgen-Orthmann in the last 70 meters to win...

the World Cross Country Title!!

See below...

Virgin kicks to win the World CC Title


1980 - IAAF World Cross Country Championships -Longchamp Racecourse on the outskirts of Paris (FRA).

Imminent moment... 1000m to go, Craig Virgin closes in on pacesetter Nick Rose (L, Eng) --Virgin wins the 12km race. His win was notable not only for its precedent-breaking (first American and to win the Senior men's race), but also for the excitement: the only time he led over the 12,580m course was in the last 70 meters (Passing Rose 150m out then runner-up Hans Jurgen-Orthmann-WG)!! Part 1 - Part 2.

---Craig would duplicate his place in '81 and become a 2 time winner of the World Cross Country Championships!!


IAAF World Cross Country Championships - Senior Men's Race - 12km ( long course) --Other multiple Winners...

Carlos Lopes (Portugal) was the first man to win the 12km race 3 times (1976, 84, 85). The 3rd time in Lisbon, Portugal (above)- and becomes the oldest IAAF World Champion.

John Treacy (IRL) won twice (78,79), the second time sloshing through Limerick, Ireland (above).

*As a Jr. Treacy was 3rd twice (74,75)

Paul Tergat (Kenya) cemented his name in the records as the first man to win 5 times in a row. 1995-99! (placed a close third in 2000).

2002, Then came Bekele...

Kenenisa Bekele won both the short and long courses 5 years in a row, first man to win 6 long course championships!

William Sigei (Kenya)

won 1993-94.

Random: World Cross '83, (R)World Cross '85... Some other (Senior Men's) American top placers 12km (long course):

1975-3rd Bill Rodgers, --'82-2nd Al Salazar & 4th in '83, --'84-4th Pat Porter, 6th-'86, 7th-'87 & 9th-'83.


In the history of the IAAF World CC Championships-only two athletes have won World Cross individual titles at Junior and Senior level.
2001 -World XC -JR
2002 -World XC -SR
2002 -World XC -JR
2009 -World XC -SR
Kenenisa Bekele indicated the depth of his talent by successively taking silver in the men’s short course race and then going on to win the junior men’s race!

The next year, Bekele does one better.

The greatest ever male cross country runner to have grace the sport. (above) Enroute to becoming the youngest IAAF Senior Men’s 12km World champion @ 19yrs!

Gebre Egziabher Gebremariam follows in the footsteps of his compatriot Kenenisa Bekele 12 months ago by winning the junior men’s gold medal.

**losing both shoes!!

A long time in coming Gebremariam not only succeeds his compatriot, Kenenisa Bekele, as World champion, he is now right behind him as the second most successful man since the championships began in 1973 (a career total of 15 medals. Bekele, who was absent injured, has 27).

And he did it in style, in one of the most thrilling finishes in the history of the event Gebremariam took the Senior Men’s 12km title -outran a group of 10 contenders coming to the final climb(above).


1975 - IAAF World Cross Country Championships - Sunday, March 16, '75 - Rabat, Morocco

Bill Rodgers at World Cross Country

In placing 3rd -Bill Rodgers became the first American to medal in the senior mens race (Men's team was 4th).

Bobby Thomas succeeds Rich Kimball - winning the Junior Mens Race & led the U.S. juniors to the team title.

Bobby Thomas wins World Cross Country '75


Saturday, February, 28th 1976 - IAAF World Cross Country Championships - Chepstow Racecourse, Whales.
Gary Tuttle top American

Gary Tuttle was the top American in the senior mens race garnering 7th (35:19), 29 seconds behind winner Carlos Lopes, Men's team was 6th).

Eric Hulst succeeds Bobby Thomas - winning the Junior Mens Race & led the U.S. juniors to the team title.

Eric Hulst


Robbie Perkins became the second easterner ever under nine minutes in the 2M ('73). Perkins made the U.S. Jr track team (10,000m) as a HS Jr & Sr. Shots: HS, Jr track trials & U.S.-Soviet junior duel.

*Perkins was 3rd @ IPI, behind Virgin's then HSR (2M), in 8:57.00. Centrowitz was 2nd in 8:56.0!!

Vince Cartier vs Centrowitz

In '72.

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